The Heart of Anarand Saga

Each individual is ephemeral

Every civilization is fleeting

Each world is doomed to become part of Chaos

Resistance will only bring suffering and anguish

Four thousand years ago a desperate gambit by the Overlords freed Anarand’aris from the tentacles of the advancing Chaos. By sacrificing the foundation of their power—the powerful artifact called the Heart of Anarand—they staved off the invasion of Moritan and the Lords of Chaos, and kept their beloved world out of his reach.

But four millennia is a long time. The Overlords are long gone, and the ruins and memories of the ancient empire of Lir’Anarand are withered, fragmented, and forgotten. Driven by a thirst to understand the intricacies of their world, many Seekers of Knowledge embark on a quest for the secrets of the past. Secrets that are as wonderful as they are dangerous. These discoveries attract the power-hungry elite of Anarand, whose representatives often resort to malice, theft, and murder to gain them for their own designs. Parallel to them, however, the Lords of Chaos are not standing idly by—they are also looking for the pieces of the puzzle that will forever turn this world into a part of Moritan’s dominion.

The Pillars of Anrand’aris are about to collapse. The old war for the very existence of the world is about to begin anew. The immortal participants in this conflict have been fighting for supremacy for millennia, but the appearance of a new individual will upset the balance of power. Only time will tell whose side he will take and which way he will tip the scales.

The Heart of Anarand

Book I: Awakening

Anarand’aris is a doomed leaf-world, stuck precariously between the two primal sources of creation – the cosmical Blossom and the all-consuming Chaos. For four millennia, the only thing that has saved this fragile world from destruction is the lost artifact, the Heart of Anarand.

But the time of this blood-bought and self-sacrificing existence is running out…

Kael Vorat, a Count of the northernmost region of the kingdom of Kiriador and guardian of the Border with the Wastes, is plagued by disturbing dreams. In them, he is haunted by his deadly dream—a fiery red-haired beauty who in the past mercilessly tried to take his life. More than a mortal woman, for ten years she has lain dead in the crypt beneath his castle, pierced not for the first time by his own dagger. Soon the spell holding her still will wear off and she will rise again, angry and eager to resume the chase.

But this is a concern for the future. Kael has bigger things to worry about. His brother sends out a call for help, and the Count must leave his domain behind and embark on a perilous adventure with enemies stalking him at every turn. Kael finds himself at the center of an ancient conflict and on the trail of a mysterious conspiracy against the world and its foundations. He will have to question his own nature in order to understand truths that have remained hidden for millennia.

And love? It kills more surely than hatred in this upside-down world where Good and Evil are not what you expect…

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Boris Khan

The Heart of Anarand, Book 1

The Heart



Book I: Awakening