The Heart of Anarand

Book I: Awakening

Kael Vorat, a Count of the northernmost region of the kingdom of Kiriador and guardian of the Border with the Wastes, is plagued by disturbing dreams. In them, he is haunted by his deadly dream—a fiery red-haired beauty who in the past mercilessly tried to take his life. More than a mortal woman, for ten years she has lain dead in the crypt beneath his castle, pierced not for the first time by his own dagger. Soon the spell holding her still will wear off and she will rise again, angry and eager to resume the chase.

But this is a concern for the future. Kael has bigger things to worry about…

Boris Khan

The Heart of Anarand, Book 1

The Heart



Book I: Awakening

The Mystical Anarand'aris

A high-fantasy universe crafted by Boris Khan

Imagine a universe arranged like a vast flower, in which each petal is a separate, wondrous world. All around it lay the decaying remains of countless now-dead petal-worlds, sinking into the dark and bottomless lake of the all-consuming Chaos. Now imagine one of these worlds resting on the surface, but stubbornly and despite everything, somehow still clinging to life.

This is Anarand’aris.

The Characters

Every story needs characters to bring it to life. Meet the main cast in The Heath of Anarand Saga.

Kael's Sigil

Kael Vorat

Lord, adventurer, artefact collector

“The price of Knowledge is measured in blood and sacrifice.”

Ra'maen's Sigil


Mysterious creature in female guise

“Pleasure and violence are two sides of the same coin.”

Dea'na's Sigil

Dea'na Mor

Beautiful Mage with a dark secret

“Any elementary game is boring and pointless.”