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Amidst the endless plain of the Chaos, like a lotus on a dark lake, rises the Blossom, in whose core pulsates the energy of Creation. With each pulse, an infinite number of new petals are born, and many aging ones, dying, are torn off and forever fall into the depths of Chaos. Each petal in the Blossom is an entire world, with its own laws of nature, and sometimes with its own civilization of intelligent beings.

In one such dying world, Anarand’aris, Magic and technology intertwine to form the basis of a unique society. Built on the ruins of a once great civilization, dozens of new realms exist under vassalage to the Imperial capital of Last Hope and its immortal masters called the Ran’a’shan. For four thousand years, the only thing that has kept the world from irrevocably merging with the domains of Chaos and utter destruction has been a powerful artifact called the Heart of Anarand.


The Universe where Anarand’aris exists is like no other. Explore how it’s structured below to learn about the incredible Blossom and its infinite worlds.

The Blossom - Niamaru

Tol’vaaso (The Great Infinity)

Nothing is known of what lies beyond Niamaru and the Chaos that besieges it. Neither the Et'eliani nor the Chaoslords have ever been able to leave these confines, or even peer beyond them. Both immortal races speculate that Moritan alone knows what lies within the Great Infinity.

Adarisi (The Petals) - Beginning

With each cycle, a powerful wave of the energy of Creation is pushed out of Eliano. A different number of new petals, also called Adarisi, are born from it. Each Adaris on Niamaru is practically an entire world with its own, often alien and bizarre laws of nature, and sometimes with its own civilization of sentient beings. The separate worlds never touch, but where two or more of them come close enough, thin, disparate-sized slivers always appear. These are mis-reflected and twisted pseudo-worlds that are directly connected to their adjacent Adarisi.

Eliano (The Core)

At the center of Niamaru is concentrated the evolved essence of the First Gods—the energy of Creation. This is the Core, also called Eliano, and since its inception, it has been pulsating in a steady rhythm. One complete pulsation of Eliano is called a Cycle, the duration of which equates to tens of generations for most mortal races on the worlds of Niamaru. Even now, countless Cycles after the creation of the Blossom, the energy in the Core shows no signs of ending or even waning.

Eliano is the primordial source and eternal home of the immortal Et'eliani race.

Moritan (The Chaos)

It is unknown whether the periodic dying of the oldest Adarisi was the root cause of the creation of Chaos, or whether the Chaos emerged from the Great Infinity with the goal of consuming all of Niamaru, slowly taking it petal by petal. Even the oldest members of the Et'eliani do not remember exactly when the Chaos first appeared, but now it is everywhere beneath Niamaru, like the surface of a bottomless black lake.

Chaos itself, and everything within it, is ruled by an extremely powerful being called Moritan. He has created his own caste of immortal beings known as the Chaoslords. Moritan's dominions, which encompass the remnants of all the devoured worlds, are collectively called Aartoh-Daggaras.

Niamaru (The Blossom)

Before the beginning of time, as it is known today, in the unimaginable corners of the Great Infinity lived unknown creatures with incomprehensible powers, intelligence, and purposes. All that is known by the current immortal races is that several disparate individuals, now referred to as the First Gods, came together to evolve beyond their previous existence.

Uniting their radically different essences, through an unimaginably complex process, they underwent a complete metamorphosis and ceased to exist as separate entities. From their fusion, an extraordinary seed was born. Nurtured by the energy of the Great Infinity, it sprouted and from it grew Niamaru—the Blossom.

Adarisi (The Petals) - End

There are cycles in which not a single Adaris is born and those in which dozens of new ones are born at once, pushing the older ones to the outermost part of the Blossom. Once there, the oldest petals wither and die, sinking forever into the depths of Chaos. The number of Adarisi in existence is considered infinite, as no one among the immortal races has ever been able to walk even a fraction of them. For this reason, Et'eliani often speak of the countless worlds of Niamaru.

The World of Anarand

Get to know the three main and vastly different regions of Anarand’aris.

Anarand'aris - City of Last Hope

Modern Anarand Empire

The Modern Anarand Empire is the spiritual successor to the ancient Lir’Anarand, founded shortly after the War for Anarand’aris. It was created as a last desperate attempt by the Ran’a’shan to preserve the remnants of the destroyed civilization of Anarand’aris and contain the increasing internecine conflicts between the newly emerging warlords, cults, and theocratic sects.

Today, the Anarand Empire is a loose confederation of thirty-six geopolitical regions called the Enlightened Realms. For the most part, the realms are self-governing, with minimal interference from the Empire. All realms are required to follow the Anarandian Sacred Laws, with the right to supplement and adapt them to local needs. In all realms, there is an established presence of the Tribunal—the judiciary body of the Empire—which by law hears all important legal cases and disputes, and can intervene in any judicial case at its discretion.

The Wastes - Ruins of an old city

The Wastes and the Border

The Wastes are the collective name for the vast territories that lie between the Enlightened Realms and the Faithless Lands. These are the remnants of the incomplete fusion between Anarand’aris and Aartoh-Daggaras, which, even after four millennia, remain uninhabited. The Wastes are littered with ancient ruins, shattered cities, and long-forgotten sites from the once great civilization of Lir’Anarand. Bands of Faithless often roam the ravaged lands in search of old booty and passage to the bountiful lands of modern Anarand. Mutated creatures spawned by the corrupted land are another common danger to travelers and residents of the borderlands.

These are some of the reasons for the eternal vigil along the Border with the Wastes. A vigil that is maintained by border towers that surround Anarand. The towers are three hundred meters tall and were created with Magic in the years after the War for Anarand’aris. Each tower is equipped with a signal crystal whose light is strong enough to signal approaching danger to neighboring towers. Also, located on top is a powerful weapon called the terr’a’rashan, capable of incinerating any target within a five kilometer radius.

The Faithless Lands - Village of the Faithless

The Faithless Lands

Where Anarand’aris ends in the east, south, and west, the Faithless Lands begin. They were named so back in the time of Lir’Anarand because their inhabitants—the Faithless—refused to recognize the divinity of the Overlords and accept the new Anarand religion. Since then, the Faithless have been sworn enemies of the people of Anarand, and use every opportunity for brutal raids during which they kill and plunder indiscriminately. Even now that they have to cross the Wastes and sneak past the border towers, they continue to be a serious threat to the Enlightened Realms.

Little is known about how large the Faithless Lands are and what exactly is within them. If maps or books on the subject exist, they are owned by discrete individuals who have no interest in sharing them. The more educated inhabitants of Anarand know that somewhere beyond the Faithless Lands there are other different worlds, but no one has ever reached them or returned from there alive.

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Calendar & Time


Anarand’aris has two suns, Niatema and Kalis, and two moons, Ria and Tot. However, they are not ordinary celestial bodies, but natural phenomena specific to the Blossom.

The Et'el Language

Anarandian tablet

The et’el language—known in Anarand’aris as ancient Anarandian—is the language of the Et’eliani, and despite the passing of countless millennia, it has successfully preserved its structure and sound.

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Magic Weaving

Weaving of Magic by a Mage

Magic Weaving is the manipulation of the energy of the Blossom to achieve various and often astonishing effects beyond the bounds of the ordinary.

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Magitech - Wayfinder

In Anarand’aris, magic and technology intertwine and work together to power all sorts of intricate mechanisms, collectively known as Magitech.

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The Overlords

The Overlords

According to legend, the six Overlords of Anarand’aris created the world at the beginning of time from the elements of Creation and with the help of the mighty Heart of Anarand.

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