Book I: Awakening of the Heath of Anarand Saga is now in the Bulgarian bookstores

A long-awaited moment for me has finally arrived—Book I: Awakening of the Heart of Anarand Saga is now in the Bulgarian bookstores (in Bulgarian language). This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure full of unexpected twists and turns that will take my readers to a new and completely unknown world. A place where Magic is part of everyday life and technological progress itself is closely tied to it. A world where not everything is as it seems and the boundaries between Good and Evil are not just blurred, but very often completely reversed. And as they follow the adventure through the eyes of the main character, Kael Vorat, the readers will learn secrets about the past of Anarand’aris, which bit by bit reveal the strokes of a history thousands of years old.

If you can read Bulgarian literature, then look for the book starting tomorrow in the Bulgarian bookstores from Ciela Publishing house.

If you cannot read Bulgarian, then stay tuned for news about an upcoming English version.

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