Wonderful new cover for Book I: Awakening in the Heart of Anarand Saga

The saying “They judge you by the clothing” is as true for people as it is for books. If we think about it, what first makes us pay attention to a book among many others in a bookstore—live or online—it is almost always the cover. A good cover conveys a promise—about the genre, about the style, about the story and the characters. It serves as an aesthetic cue to the right audience and enables the book to find its readers.

That’s why I wanted to have something unique for the cover of first book of the Heart of Anarand Saga. Something crafted specifically for the fantasy world, the characters, and the emotion they exude. I was fortunate to meet Petar Penev, a Bulgarian artist with great talent, who has created many lovely illustrations for writers worldwide. Peter delved into the world of Anarand, the characters in the book, and all the important little details to help him transform my fantasy from text into this wonderful illustration:

Cover for Book 1

The cover really turned out great and I can’t wait for it to get to you as the outfit of my first book.

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